30 Cannon Street

30 Cannon Street 30 Cannon Street

30 Cannon Street

This project takes a concrete goliath of a building and makes it feel as light and airy as a pop-up marquee. With glazing so high you’d need a ladder to close the blinds paired with raw exposed concrete finishes, it is a perfect marriage of new meets old, modern meets rustic and it works! 


From a lighting perspective this was a beauty. Edge Lighting’s bespoke lighting system – Linteq was used to provide custom lengths, light distribution and counter-levered fixing points (we had to test this a few times!). The architect designed an office space with a lot of hard textures and minimalistic design, which you would think makes the space feel cold and echoey, however with enormous glazing and acoustic baffle ceiling rafts that the lighting floats down beneath, this project was a jigsaw of components that really comes into its own.


Edge Lighting were tasked with meeting lighting requirements with strict limitations of fixing points, limited points of light and strict office regulations for compliant office use. As a UK lighting manufacturer we not only are able to deliver projects quickly, we also benefit from customised solutions that can be quickly delivered to site and installed for mock-up and approval purposes. This was essential to ensure the project was delivered on time and within timeframes set out. 

Project Details

3,300 Sq Ft

Opening Date:

Linteq 50,
Teqtape 26,
Ledteq 170,
Cirteq 173