Amazon Fresh Monument

Amazon Fresh Monument Amazon Fresh Monument Amazon Fresh Monument Amazon Fresh Monument

Amazon Fresh Monument

Key Details

Client: Amazon Fresh

Contractor: Carmel Contractors

Project Overview

Embark on a journey with us as we shed light on a project from earlier on in the year: the lighting design and supply for the Amazon Fresh Store in Monument.

Due to the high spec camera system that tracks produce selected and automatically creates a shopping list and invoice for shoppers as they put items straight from shelf to bag, the lighting must be low-glare, have a compact design to avoid shadowing and operate on an ultra-high flicker rate to combat any light/dark imbalance on cameras.

This is so the barcodes are always accurately read when customers pick produce.

Product Feature

Custom designed Linpaq, in shadow black with prismatic textured diffuser and ‘flicker free’ for compatibility with unique camera system.


  • Designed a discreet & flicker-free lighting scheme, tailored to their innovative customer-centric approach.
  • Supplied efficient & quality luminaires to support Amazon’s sustainability goals, ensuring a perfectly lit environment for product visibility and store navigation

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Project Details

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