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Lighting the Way to Unforgettable Dining: ASK Italian Paddington’s Transformation

ASK Italian on Spring Street in Paddington recently underwent a refurbishment to create a captivating ambiance for diners seeking an unforgettable experience.

Edge Lighting had the pleasure of working with the ASK Italian team to design and supply a compact track and spot lighting solution that would enhance the restaurant’s atmosphere.


Our project involved collaborating with Amdon Electrical, who expertly handled the installation of our lighting solution. The scope of the project included a comprehensive survey of the existing building infrastructure, proposing a lighting solution that would complement the design aesthetic, and selecting the ideal LED spotlight to create a warm and welcoming environment.


The main challenge faced during the project implementation was designing a lighting solution that would seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure while matching the design aesthetic of the refurbished restaurant.


To address this challenge, we conducted a comprehensive survey of the existing building infrastructure and proposed a sympathetic lighting solution. Our Traqer 75 spotlight with a medium beam angle was the ideal choice for ASK Italian, providing the perfect level of brightness to illuminate the space while creating a warm and welcoming environment.



With our Traqer 75 LED spotlight discreetly suspended on our lighting track, every corner of the restaurant is illuminated with the ideal level of brightness, creating an atmosphere that is both chic and sophisticated. The dynamic atmosphere enchants diners, contributing to a truly magical dining experience.

The successful collaboration between Edge Lighting, ASK Italian, and Amdon Electrical resulted in a tailored lighting solution that not only met the client’s needs but also enhanced the overall dining experience. The project demonstrates the value of innovative lighting design in transforming a space and creating memorable experiences for diners.

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We invite you to share your feedback, suggestions, or experiences with our lighting solutions by reaching out to us through our contact page. And if you are in the Paddington area, be sure to stop by ASK Italian on Spring Street to experience the unforgettable setting for yourself. Let our lighting solutions transform your space and create memorable experiences for your visitors.

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