August 2012 was a breakthrough month for Edge Lighting, supplying our first project using only LED light source technology, at a point in the market where the longevity and quality was often questioned of LEDs.


5 years on and we can look back at Waitrose in Stratford Upon Avon, one of the first stores in UK to be fully lit with LED.

Light level readings show these have depreciated only 7% in 5 years running for 22,000 hours, and still looks as fresh as when it was first installed. This has surpassed all expectations and we are so pleased to be able to reward Waitrose on their willingness to look to the future and invest sensibly in their properties.


Many other retailers that transitioned to using LEDs from other manufacturers at a similar time have either had to have their LED lighting replaced because it had not lasted, or look dated because they used poor quality components.


We would like to congratulate Philips OEM whom supplied our LED modules and drivers on this project for the quality of the components provided, and with the great advancements in LED technology since 2012 we are confident this is just the beginning of a great portfolio of completed projects with a lasting impression.