They say you never stop learning, and here at Edge Lighting we couldn’t agree more.


2017 was an education for us as we further developed our ‘smart’ lighting range, with countless options for automatic light control and daylight dimming, we are taking away the onus for staff to think about lighting and can concentrate more on our next generation!


The aptly named “Eduteq” fitting is telling us as much about lighting as we tell our clients, with capabilities for DALI controls, daylight switching / dimming integration and corridor function being the three most popular upgrades we have delivered.

We are continuing our learning process with new environments bringing new challenges along the way, but armed with so many different lighting solutions embedded into such an unassuming looking luminaire we are tackling those head on and with great effect.


If you feel you have a lighting enquiry that requires an intelligent lighting solution, why not consider Edge Lighting?