May 9, 2022
The Value of Effective Lighting in a retail environment

Before looking at the benefits of effective lighting in a retail environment, retailers must first think of LED lighting as an investment for their spaces. Picking the right wall colour and other decor decisions are just as important as choosing the right lighting for a new retail venue or upgrading existing lighting. Commercial lighting is no longer just high output fluorescent lamps and bulky inefficient metal halide fixtures. A bright and fresh look for an old storefront can be achieved with high-quality LED lighting which then brings in a whole host of benefits.

Strategic Lighting in Shopping Centers and Grocery Stores

When shopping for clothing, customers need to be able to thoroughly inspect the items they wish to try on and purchase. Being able to see the difference in the navy-blue sweater and the black sweater next to it is important not only to the shopper but to the retailer as well. In a clothing store, lighting with a high color rendering index (CRI) is important as it will increase footfall and boost sales. LED lighting allows the colors of the fresh fruits and vegetables to appear more vibrant. Even fresh meat coolers are utilizing high CRI lighting to accent the color of the meat. Shoppers associate the color of fruits, vegetables, and meats with the freshness and quality of the product. It’s a no-brainer, a shopper is more likely to make a purchase when the retailer appeals to these senses.

Edge Lighting provides ambient lighting by utilising high level continuous linear LED luminaires and high-bay luminaires with optics that provide good vertical illuminance to shelving and displays. For our project at Waitrose – Kings Cross the high-level lighting was designed in such a way that it blended in with the cast iron roof structure. Over more specialised retail areas such as Fruit and Veg and Health and Beauty the linear system is dropped down to a lower level creating a more intimate lit space.

How many times have you walked into a store and been drawn into a specific display? Retailers want to be able to capture their consumers attention and direct it towards the displays they consider having ‘hot items’ and influence their focus this way, which then persuades their shopping decisions. To achieve this, retailers must implement proper lighting as an effective and efficient solution that Edge Lighting can help clients with. Deciding where to place a retail display within your store is important but the accent lighting for this display is what really elevates the customer experience.

Lighting Effects on Shopper Behaviours

A well-designed lighting system will help retail shoppers have a more relaxed, tailored shopping experience as opposed to a colder, less inclusive one. Having lighting at the forefront of design decisions will allow retailer’s customers to leave with a positive memory from their time at the store, which can then lead to repeat purchases down the line. All these factors will effectively drive more sales and make for better business for the client which is their goal.

Lighting in a retail setting allows customers to feel a welcoming presence from when they enter the building to when they leave the store and have purchased their item.

However large or small the business, it should be any retailer’s aim to maximise the attractiveness of their products by bringing out their true colours. A high-quality LED lighting system offers the ideal solution for achieving this, which Edge Lighting can provide to clients.

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