September 14, 2015
Another bespoke lighting tray success story!

Waitrose in Bayswater was always going to be an interesting project from the outset, boasting an industrial looking concrete coffer ceiling type, which allowed the low ceiling height to remain as high as possible.


Edge developed a lighting tray system, which could house both recessed linear LED strips and recessed spotlights. Its versatility was apparent as different areas of the store could opt out of the spotlights, retaining the linear in the tray for areas only requiring ambient lighting.


The result was a store combining retro ceiling structure with state of the art lighting systems, this simplistic design and grey colouring of the lighting tray allowed this to blend into the concrete ceiling, which makes the lighting even more subtle.


Travis Mathew teams up with Edge Lighting & JCM

Travis Mathew teams up with Edge Lighting & JCM

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5 years on from our first LED project

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