We’re delighted to present the PureGym office in Angel, London, a marvel of inventive design and distinguished lighting.

A space that reflects a modernised approach to workspace environments and promises an atmosphere of inspiration and productivity.

At the heart of this transformative project, Edge Lighting takes pride in contributing by supplying linear fittings, specifically tailored versions of our versatile and increasingly popular, Linteq 50.

Modified in set lengths and crafted into an elegant chevron shape, these fixtures enhance the aesthetic appeal of the workspace while matching the design philosophy of the team at Square Workplace.

Are you inspired by this transformation and envisage similar enhancements for your project? Please reach out to our dedicated sales team at sales@edgelighting.co.uk. Let’s explore how Edge Lighting can illuminate your project, creating intuitive, interactive environments, and spaces with the perfect blend of form and function.

Big thanks to the the talented team at Servo Creatives for capturing the essence of the space, delivering visuals that mirror the vibrancy intertwined in the office design.


Check out some more photos from the project, captured by the team at Servo Creatives here