Looking for an inviting and vibrant dining experience in Hackney? Look no further than the newly renovated PizzaExpress store in Hackney.

The ambiance of this popular establishment has been completely transformed, thanks to a collaboration between Edge Lighting and Interplan Electrics Ltd, who expertly managed the electrical installation.

Partnering with the renowned design firm, Zebra, Edge Lighting played a pivotal role in bringing their vision for PizzaExpress to life. Zebra’s design concept combines modern art with vibrant pops of color, cool muted hues of pink and teal, faux foliage, and light wood vertical timber slats, all beautifully enhanced by the warm glow of festoon lighting.

At the heart of the lighting solution is Edge Lighting’s Traqer 85 Spotlight. This adjustable track-mounted spotlight features a sleek black finish that seamlessly blends with the restaurant’s aesthetic. The addition of a honeycomb louvre contributes to discreet table spotlighting, creating a vintage look that perfectly complements the overall design concept. The soft and warm spotlighting uplifts focal points, enhancing the dining experience for every customer.

The result? A stylish and comfortable atmosphere that sets the perfect stage for enjoying delicious pizza with friends and family. The revamped PizzaExpress in Hackney is now a go-to destination for food enthusiasts looking to indulge in a lively and unforgettable dining experience.

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