December 1, 2022
Waitrose Headington relaunches with LED upgrade
When it comes to LED upgrade projects, the positive effects on the environment and maintenance saving are usually overlooked by the money saved on energy bills.   By upgrading the store from fluorescent to LED, Waitrose achieved a 45% energy saving for the Headington branch, whilst tripling light levels up to the current design specification, ensuring products ‘pop’ on the shelves for improved customer experience.   By changing the colour temperature from 3000k to 4000k in this branch, we have delivered an energetic and modern atmosphere to the store, addressing previous complaints about the fluorescent lighting in previous years and providing a neutral tone of light to fresh produce that could have been visually misrepresented by poor colour quality of light.   This project featured our innovative Triteq luminaire, which fits all conventional 600 square grid ceilings and has targeted light spread in both axial and transverse directions, ideal for use in aisles to ensure product is bright and enticing. The fresh fruit & vegetables area at the front of the store, is given a whole new lease of life by using our high efficiency and high output Metro lighting system, which is also a visual anchor for this key department of the store and promotes the healthy eating drive that Waitrose have at the heart of their brand.   The use of our bespoke nautical pendant matched the intended feel of Waitrose’s Meat and Fish counter area, giving an authentical feed to this area.   The result for Waitrose is a cost-effective modernisation of their existing lighting, minimising disruption to the store and allowing a seamless relaunch to happy customers! This marks just one of many successful LED refurbishments that EDGE Lighting has undertaken to provide cost effective lighting upgrades across their estate.  


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